If you have a Labrador Retriever, congratulations for the wonderful choice you have made to bring one into your life! If you are thinking about getting a Labrador Retriever – go ahead, you won’t regret it!

This web-site is a guide to show you some of the best ways to train Labrador Retriever dogs and puppies, live with them, raise them, and how to effectively deal with any challenges that may arise.

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What a fantastic companion Labrador Retriever dogs are – the perfect family member. A Labrador Retriever will give you love and  friendship that will enhance your life and put a smile on your face every time they come bounding up to greet you when you arrive home, with a big warm welcoming lick and dog-hug!

With Labrador Retriever dogs you can look forward to lots of play at the park, the beach, the backyard, ball or frisbee catching, fun explorations and adventurous hikes together. When you bring a Labrador into your life you get a big ‘ole ball of fun, energy and love. You can also look forward to lots of cuddling up together and quiet times, with your Lab sitting companionably at your feet – all at peace with the world.

A guide to train labrador retriever dogs

Your Labrador Retriever dog is versatile, kind and lovable with a strong intelligence that has made this breed heroic ‘search and rescuers’ when called upon.  They are the most decorated for ‘valor and heroics’ breed  of all time. Yes, that’s your lovable Lab – one minute a mild-mannered doggie Clark Kent, the next, Super-Dog out to save the world! They are also the most popular choice as guide dogs for the sight-impeded. They have a trusting, gentle demeanour that shows amiability to friends and strangers alike. Perhaps the only area they are found wanting is guard-dog duties! The Labrador Retriever seems born to please everyone!

The sooner you train labrador retriever dogs and puppies, the better!

Although you have one of the most intelligent dogs in your family, please remember that they need training.  By establishing a training routine as soon as your furry friend arrives in your home, you and your Labrador Retriever will experience nothing but a joyful life together.

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Your Labrador needs house -rules to follow, they need to know who’s the boss,  and your training will help establish a bond of trust and respect that will enable your dog to thrive in a home that they feel loved, safe and secure in. You will find the training experience a rewarding one. The Labrador Retriever responds well to instruction – it’s their ‘wanting to please nature’.

Training that is gentle but firm, consistent and full of well-placed praise will have your Labrador graduating with honors – either with your own home-based training or at obedience school. Remember, the earlier you begin to train Labrador Retriever dogs, the quicker they will settle in to their new home environment.